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The Voices family is united by a common passion to bring about social justice. We encourage anyone with an unswayable belief that ALL students can learn to join us.

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As we expand to serve more traditionally underserved students in Santa Clara county and surrounding counties, Voices is seeking additional team members who share a commitment to its mission and believe joyful learning and world-class academic preparation are not mutually exclusive.

What We Look For

Along with a deep passion for our mission, vision, and values, Voices team members embody the following mindsets and behaviors.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

    All staff at Voices, regardless of role, are expected to approach their work with a sense of urgency. We display agility, adaptability, decisiveness, and autonomy in everything we do.

  • Internal Desire for Excellence

    We hold high expectations for students and staff alike. We plan for effective teaching and constantly seek to measure up to the highest standards in the field.

  • Compelled by Data

    We continuously use data to inform improvements to our work and to make decisions. Teachers review data on a daily basis. They share data about individual student progress with each student and their family to build understanding of progress towards goals.

  • Growth Mindset

    We seek challenges and take risks in order to grow new abilities. Through the process of trying, failing, and trying again, we can master new skills.

What We Offer

Competitive Compensation

Competitive salaries
Yearly bonuses
Anniversary Pay
Up to 10 years teaching credit
Retirement & health benefits
Wellness program

Coaching & Collaboration

Exceptional professional development opportunities
One on one coaching
Planning time & data days
Leadership pathways

Close-Knit Community

Commitment to social justice
Celebrations throughout the year
Parent engagement program