February 17, 2017 – Voices Franklin-McKinley Receives 5-Year Renewal

To read The San Jose Mercury News’ coverage of the Franklin-McKinley renewal, click here.

Voices College-Bound Language Academies is one of the highest performing dual language schools in California.  Open since 2007, the flagship school in the Franklin-McKinley School District (FMSD) has over 600 families on its waiting list.  Last night at FMSD’s board meeting the 5-member board voted unanimously to approve Voices for another 5 years.  This is the second time the board has renewed the public charter school.

Dr. Stella Kemp, FMSD’s Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, presented the timeline and findings on Voices’ petition for renewal as well as highlighted Voices academic achievement over the last 5 years.  FMSD staff recommended approval of Voices’ renewal.  In her presentation Dr. Kemp stated, “The school presents a sound educational program, the likelihood of future success and has a solid record of strong student achievement.”

FMSD Board President George Sanchez shared that he was there since the very beginning with Voices and is proud to have Voices in the district.  Trustee Omar Torres, who made the motion to approve spoke directly to parents in his address, “We are very proud of you and your school.  We are also grateful to have had the opportunity to visit with you and hear directly from you about the impact Voices is making for your students.”   After Trustee Rudy Rodriguez seconded the motion to approve, the board supported unanimously.  The next five year term for Voices takes it to July 2022.  

Voices Founder and CEO Frances Teso said, “We are so grateful to our home district of Franklin-McKinley for consistently being a collaborative partner with Voices to make our dream and vision of an excellent dual immersion public school, a reality.  We look forward to another five years of working together for the benefit both of Voices students and the broader Franklin-McKinley community.”

“Not only did Voices prepare my son for rigorous study in high school, they helped to shape him into an incredible young man who came out of his shell and is engaged in his community.  With this approval both my younger daughters will continue to benefit from Voices. ~ Founding Voices Parent Leader Josefina Carrillo